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Advanced Server Virtualization
VMware and Microsoft Platforms in the Virtual Data Center
About the Book

Advanced Server Virtualization serves as your guide to understanding and implementing enterprise server virtualization technologies from leading vendors inlcuding VMware and Microsoft. Based on the authors' years of hands-on experience architecting, implementing, and troubleshooting complex solutions for world-class enterprise cusotmers, this must-have resource offers much more than the technical details of the virtualization platforms that are covered. Fundamental concepts, use cases, planning details, best practices, gotchas, and large-scale server virtualization system management challenges are fully documented to help you to learn from the authors' experience, allowing you to jump-start your virtualization projects and take them to the next level with ease. Advanced Server Virtualization presents information that can be found nowhere else. It contains concepts that transcend the virtualization software covered, concepts that can be applied to current and future server virtualization systems.

  • Fundamental virtualization technology concepts are presented with clear relationships to traditional computing environments
  • Use cases for server virtualization are presented along with detailed best practices
  • In-depth coverage of the three leading server virtualization platforms for Intel-based architectures:
    • Microsoft Virtual Server
    • VMware ESX Server
    • VMware GSX Server
  • Information about scoping, sizing, choosing a virtualization platform and hardware for your virtualization projects
  • Advanced concepts are covered including:
    • Image management and cloning
    • Backup and restore
    • Clustering
  • Related tools and technologies